Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Finishing Redoing my Civil War Wash Dress

Last year in July I finished my CW Wash Dress. They can be found here and here. My dress didn't quite fit right, it could have been tighter in the waist and there was to much room in the neckline. I also wanted to make opening in the skirt to be smaller. The hoopskirt needs something to stabilize it and to keep my fabric strips in place. But I will need to decide on a width my rungs would be.

In January, I finished the dress completely up to where I need to put hooks and eyes. I wrote some of what I did in another blog post found here, about the dress. All I ended up having to do was sew the waistband on and sew on hook and eyes. You can't tell in the photos but, the waistline is a lot smaller. And the neckline is smaller

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


I will update this once I get photos.

 meant to sew last year, but didn't. I am not sure what I am going to do this year. But I am going to try to sew a bit and make more simple realistic plans.

One of my friends and I are planning on doing a road trip for our birthday, so currently I am saving my money for the trip. So, I don't have money to spend on new projects and I am currently looking for a job.

I did start a bullet journal this year, for the first time.

If I do, do any historical sewing, it will depend on a couple factors and I will not know until March. But, I do plan on doing some modern sewing. I found a gorgeous red dress at Macy's and I love the way it fits. There is just some detail I don't like of the dress and that is the overskirt. So I plan on making a pattern of the bodice and main skirt. I want to make this from a red linen.

If I do historical reenacting (If I don't I will do the modern stuff)


Buy- Thread

Organize what I have into projects 

Figure out a way to fix hoop or buy decide if I need to buy one

Finish Drawers and put a new wait band on old pair


Clean Room (and maybe repaint? Look into new furniture)


Buy- Thread, Red Linen, Boning



Fix 1880s Chemise


Buy- Thread, Light weight wool, cotton for sunbonnet

Red Dress (modern)



Stockings x3


Buy- Hairnet 

Shawl, I'm not sure but will probably start

Plaid short sleeve shirt (modern)


Modern Sewing I want to do (eventually)

Kaftan Dress - cotton flannel

Otari Hoodie

Knee length Dress (skirt gathered) - Cotton Knit Jersey

Red Long Sleeve Shirt (based of RH Jagger Shirt)- Cotton

Arenite Pants

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

June Plans

Hello, i hope you are having a great memorial day. In the next couple of weeks I have several things I need to finish. I also have tests.

These would be the main events I have to prepare for:

  1. Independence Day (July 4th)
  2. Gettysburg 155th (July 5th-8th)
  3. A reenactment at my historical museum I volunteer for that my reenactment goes to (July 21-22)
  4. Marilla (28th-29th)

For 1-4 I would need to:
  • finish my 2nd chemise (week 1: 5/28-6/3)
  • another pair of drawers (week 1: 5/28-6/3)
  • fix hoop rung (week 2: 6/4-6/10
  • apron (week 2: 6/4-6/10)
  • corset (week 3: 6/11-6/17)
  • petticoat (week 3: 6/11-6/17)
  • starch everything that needs it (week 3: 6/11-6/17)
  • finish wash dress (week 4: 6/18-6/24)
  But I would also like to:
  • "Nice" Dress- Infant Bodice, Bateau neckline, short sleeves, lace along neckline and sleeve cuff, tucks in skirt, pearl buttons, back closing (week 4: 6/18-6/24)
  • A Straw hat to go with the "Nice" Dress (week 4: 6/18-6/24)
  • A white Pinner's apron (week 5: 6/25-7/1)
  • Some type of white head covering (week 5: 6/25-7/1)
  • A dress is a brown plaid- jewel neckline, front dog leg opening, white/black/self covered buttons, long sleeves that I can push up (for a battlefield nurse) (week 5: 6/25-7/1)
  • A double set of cuffs and a collar (week 5: 6/25-7/1)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

A New Dress for Heart Day

I meant to post this close to the 14th of February, but I didn't feel like blogging, as this dress wore me out. But, I am on another sewing kick, hopefully it will last for the next 4 weeks so I can get stuff done. I can't sew this weekend. The weekend before I made this dress I got this pale pink sweater.

Excuse my bedroom, I was cleaning.
 I used McCall's 7714. The pattern instructions were great very easy to follow. The pattern on the other hand ... The top, waist band, and skirt where different lengths for the waistband. Which made sewing the zipper difficult. It also made the skirt fold weird in the back.

Finished Dress

Thank you for reading and sorry for the lack of pictures.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Feburary Updates and Plans

I actually would like to make another dress like this.
If JoAnns still has the fabric I saw for it on sale, I might by some.
I started this year off with wanting to make so many historical garments and blog posts. Just for the first 3 months I had 13 posts plan and 14+ projects. But, for me that isn't reallistic, with work, school, and trying to be a functional member of society I just can't do it. Fabric is expensive and my plans for weekends get put off for other people. But, end of January I had a historical sewing kick, then I got sick and lost my seam ripper. When i went back to school from being sick, I had tons of work I had to do. As reading blogposts my historical sewing kick turned into a modern sewing kick. I originally created this blog to make more modern garments, I have only posted one so far and that was made the april before I posted it. This dress was ok, I wore it alot, but the upper chest would beome itchy while wearing it nad it eventually got to small for my chest.

Simplicity 4721 View C
I got to thinking about dress my mom made for me in the past the ones I remembered, were made years ago. When I was about 4 my mom made my sister and I matching purple butterfly dresses. About when I was 6 or 7 my mom made me a pink butterfly dress that I wore for several years, that I stopped wearing when I could not get the dress over my butt (it had already been to small for me by this point for a while I just refused to stop wearing it). At the same time my mom made my sister a dress, the only thing different about it and the pattern is there is supposed to be lace around the neckline.
Simplicity 3902 view C
At same time we got the pattrens for my pink butterfly dress and my sister's dress we got a pattern for a skirt and coat ensemble. I got one made from a darker pink fabric with yellow and black butterflies. My sister got one from a pretty blue cotton with a green and purple pattern in it..

Simplicity 4669 View C & D
A couple years later, I begged my mom to make me a dress from a white cotton with little apple on it. She made me one. It was really hot to wear in the summer, so I had only worn it once, by the time the weather got cold enough to wear it.
Simplicity 4721 view A
Last summer I bought myself some patterns that I planned on using. At the store on Sunday McCall Patterns were on sale and I picked up two patterns. I also picked up thread, zipers and fabric. So now I have 2 dresses planned to make this weekend out of McCalls M7714.

I also been thinking about doing a missionary trip this summer through Adventures in Missions. Which I plan on making my clothes for. I also have plans for some historical acessories but not many unless I can get to a few places. I have a week break coming up and I plan to get stockings and main under garments done. This I plan to get done on the 19th and 20th. Then I have material to make guinea pig cage liners, so the rest of the 20th I plan to figure out what I need to do, I also need to get coroplast and a small kitty litter box. The 21st, 23rd, and 24th I plan to make them. I will try to get this all done the 21st though.

But this weekend I plan to make 2 dresses and 2 aprons. The aprons shouldn't take me very long probably an hour each, the dresses on the other hand will take me longer, probably 2 hours for the first dress, and 1.5 hours for the second.


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Redoing Some of My Civil War Things HSM #1 Mend, Reshape, Refashion

New books that I am really excitd to memorize where everthing is :) :) :)

Back ont he 11th I got my new books, Cosume in Detail and the American Duchess Guide.

In my previous post I said I needed to redo/fix several things several things. most of this is my civil war items. There are some things that I wll not be fixing like my crinoline for this project. I do want to redo it. I just want to do a lower class impression.

  1. Hairnet- I think I need to redo it completley, as I have a huge hole in the net.
  2. Petticoat- When I originally created the garment I made the opening so you can get the skirt on to big. So all I need to do is make the gap about 4-6 inches
  3. Early 1860s wash Dress- There is to much room in the back of the bodice. I need to make the top 4 inches smaller and the bottom 1/2 inch smaller. Also it might look better it the bodice was at least 1/2 inch shorter.
  4. Sunbonnet- add a few tapes inside to gather the back part.
  5. I would like a new corset but for now my old one is fine, as long as I close all the boning channel gaps.

I was able to get a majority of the stuff done in about 2 hours, deconstructing the hairnet, emboidering the petticoat, closing the gap in the 2 skirts, and fixing the pockets each took about 10-30 minutes. I did the majority of this on a Saturday. Then Saturday evening I ripped out seams for 3 1/2 hours.I never want to rip out hundreds of tiny stiches in an easy fraying and low thread count fabric ever again. 


Hairnet Parts

I first took out the piece of metal out and took out all the stitches that held the ribbon to the twill tape. I then cut of the net to pretty colse to the twill tape as I wont be able to use it. I then took all of the rest of the stiches out of twill tape and the hairnet. Leaving me with just the ribbon, twill tape and metal piece.


Hard to see but my initails are there

Little whipstichs to make the gap smaller

Very simple I took the gap in so now it is about 6 inches instead of 15 inches. I also, emboidered my intials on the hem at the back.


Old Fit
See how the bodice looks very saggy and large?
It is also a bit long

I removed all of the hooks and eyes. I made the skirtgap to be 5 inches long. I then removed pockets and handsewn them back in.

Then I removed the dress (skirt & bodice) from the waistband (which took me about 2 1/2 hours to do) and removed the neckband from the bodice (took me about 1 hour). I am never going to usee such tiny stitches again on sewing manchine. I then made darts in the back on both sides and sewed them in place.

Inside at the neckband
I went through my scrap fabric stash looking for a strip of extra white fabric from my bodice lining. I found a piece a little short, but wide enough for me to cut down to 2" wide strip. There was no extra fabric to cut bias binding, but there was a piece long enough to use as a binding for the neck band. I cut the binding strip down to a 1 1/2" wide strip.

Outside at neckband
I set the edge of the strip, right side against the lining and sewed a long the top, I then fliped binding over the top and tucked the raw edges down and sewed.

I only need to sew both waist bands on and the hook and eyes and that should be up soon.


Casing that I completley handsewn on :)

Ribbon ties on the back

I finshed sewing the tape in to hid some of the "guts". I also put on some ribbon ties on the back to draw the top portion in. This is going to be a fancy sunbonnet to go with my nicer dresses. That I have planned.


I simply just handsewed all my gaps closed.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017 Year in Review and Plans for 2018

I am getting so old and time has been flying right by. There is definetly not enough time in a day for all I need and want to do. For school we have been doing 2 research papers about different careers just in case what ever career we are going for doesn't work out. My first one is about Historians and my second one is about Chemical Operations Sergeant with the United States Miitary.

But, Let's move on to what i have done this year. I started the year off with getting


1883 Chemise
  1.  Drawers
  2. Corset
  3. Chemise




For 2018 I want do (Quarters 2, 3, and 4 will come out in March, June, & September). I feel like Quarters are a much better way to plan projects as it deals with a much smaller time period and is fresher in my memory.

Things over the year I want to get done this year

  1.  Some type of period correct bag to pack my stuff in for events
  2. Cap
  3. Sontag
  4. Slippers
  5. Quilted petticoat
  6. Some Dresses
  7. Apron
  8. Stockings

Quarter 1 (January, Feburary, March)

  1. Mend Hairnet
  2. Mend Petticoat
  3. Mend Dress
  4. Crinoline
  1. Quilted Petticoat
  2. Corset
  3. Plain petticoat
  4. Several more pairs of Drawers and Chemises, and stockings
  5. Sontag

Beautiful slippers made by Romantic History
  1. Cap
  2. Slippers
  3. Traveling Bag
  4. Dress- I would like to make my own bodice pattern, so this might be moved to April

Thank you for reading and sorry for the lack of pictures.